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Did you miss Eurovision last weekend? And are you into Game of Thrones? Then you’ve gotta check out Norway’s Margaret Berger AKA Norwegian Khaleesi.

SpringbreakersTwitter-queen Ayesha Siddiqi’s essay on Harmony Korine’s Springbreakers is a sharp breakdown of the racism and subversive sexual politics of the film (and gives you a legit intellectual reason to pay money to see it, if you needed one).

James Franco (Springbreakers) has been making a lot of news for the past, well, years, but hey, here’s 5 things that Tilda Swinton did before he could. She is also 52 years old and the face of Chanel.

This is a very thoughtful piece about a feminist dude coming to terms with the arbitrariness of gender. Good reading for dudes, lady-dudes and non-binary dudes alike.

CUMBERBATCH IN THE SHOWER. Let’s hope the extended scene makes the DVD. Oh, and here is a handy tumblr comparing original Star Trek characters to the rebooted versions.

What do you think Bill Gates has been getting up to lately? Offering money to develop newer, more pleasurable (and safe) condoms? Yep.

Meanwhile in 1938, Pearl Buck, an American woman who grew up in China, won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

study from the UK’s National Literacy Trust is concerned that although more kids are reading ebooks than ever before, this may be detrimental to their reading ability.

They probably spent all that time on their iPads looking at cat beards.

The Emerging Writers’ Festival is launched! KYD’s Late Night Live with Literary Magazines is on May 28th.