Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and
generally distracted us.

Jurassic Heart dating simulator? Yes, please takeJurassicheart a look. Feel free to play.

How about a little imaginary time travel with these movie posters reimagined from another time and place.

This archive of Cadbury chocolate adverts are legitimately from another time and they’re delicious.

Going into the weekend, flabbergast your frienemies with some Shakespearean insults.  Find the formulas here, thou spongy onion-eyed strumpet.

It’s the final countdown to Arrested Development new episodes. Netflix have released some teaser posters. Don’t blue yourself so soon: there are no spoilers, just in jokes. In the lead up to release, here’s a reminder of the show’s best quotes.

‘T.S. Eliot’s Iconic Vintage Verses About Cats, Illustrated by Edward Gorey’ – Cats! Words! Pictures!

Read about ‘the origin story for Hip Hop Word Count, the database of fifty thousand rap songs’ here.

Musics: you can stream new video from lovely local band Dick Diver or new tunes from Yeah Yeah Yeahs (with commentary) or from The National. So many new treats.

Happy weekend.