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Hello! Hope your holidays were a tasty time. Now, back to it:

Some Pixar artists run an independent games company and intend to release their first game – Flyhunter – mid-year. Looking good.

Jack Shepherd, Sidney Prescott, Gretchen Wieners, Scott Wolf & some kid

Jack Shepherd, Sidney Prescott, Gretchen Wieners, Scott Wolf & Owen

Spotify users – you should probably listen to this and take a moment to remember the Salinger family (pictured) from 90s show Party of Five. Yes, that’s right Party of Five.

Finding life hard today? Well this collection of dumb-ass infomercial gifs will show you how tough life really could be. Kinda.

‘Public Radio Bracket Madness’ is on, it’s interesting and it’s almost finished. Check it out (you can vote too).

If you were lucky enough to see Bruce Springsteen on his recent tour (best!) – or even if you missed out – you should hit up Elmo Keep’s awesome piece about The Boss, devotion, depression and creativity at Meanjin.

‘I am 58 years old, the best-selling author of Friday Night Lights, father of three, husband. And I am a shopaholic.’ Buzz Bissinger fesses up at GQ.

Wham! Bam! Fully clothed female superheroes, at last. Thank you mam!

Ryan Gosling may be taking a break from acting, but won’t be able to avoid the crushing pressure of what comes naturally: looking good while carrying things.

Also the new trailer dropped for Gosling’s latest movie with Nicolas Winding Refn. You’re very welcome.

If you have some spare time this weekend, NME tell us which musicians to follow on tumblr. So you could do that.

Another option is to take a look at these 30 artists who look uncannily like Game of Thrones characters.

Or watch a stack of David Bowie’s music videos.

Either way, have a lovely one!