Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and
generally distracted us.

‘A Man Named Bart Simpson Appeared Before a Judge Named Mr Burns’ – yes, somewhere in the real world, that happened this week.

‘The New rules of the Hyper-Social, Data-Driven, Actor-Friendly, Super-Seductive Platinum Age of Television – yes, I will click and read this over at Wired. You should too, if you want.

Flavorwire have some embarrassing book covers you should wince at and apparently a bunch of great essay compendiums you should all read. Hop to it!

Over at The Vine, Luke Ryan’s pre-spill piece from yesterday is still relevant post-spill. Spillspillspill.

See the Game of Thrones cast sing the theme tune (and relive the cat version if you want). Either way, it’ll get stuck in your head until the Season 3 premiere (10 days to go). You’re welcome.

Wanna play some hipster kickball? Sure you do.

What about letting some famous deceased writers edit your words? Click here to play.

Regina George (Mean Girls) and Don Draper (duh) have had a meme bébé – Mean Mad Men.

Classic sirens belting out a classic song – add Mama Cass, Mary Travers and Joni Mitchell singing ‘I Shall Be Released’ to your playlist. It’s a gem.

Matthew J.X. Malady argues ‘It’s time to kill the email signoff’ over at Slate. To that I say:
best, kind regards, take care, have a nice weekend, signed,
Your friendly KYD A&D Post.