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This site was set up in reaction to the stupid surprise news that Google are abolishing Reader. For a more helpful link, here are five alternative options to Reader too.

National Geographic have set up a stunning Tumblr that you need to check out.

Welcome home! Here are the detailed floor plans of some popular TV and film addresses.

You probably already know about the super exciting Veronica Mars movie news. LoVe it.

Father rigs Donkey Kong game for his daughter – now both he and the Princess from Mario are champions.

Do you agree with this list of ‘top 10 books about outsiders for teenagers’?

Explore Indonesia through its literature here.

’20 different animators lend their artistic interpretations for this deadmau5 and Imogen Heap collaboration.’

Still counting down to the Season Three premier of Game of Thrones. This week, Daily Life had a chat with the women of Westeros.

Let provide you with some, erm, music tv.