Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and
generally distracted us.

Let’s start with a lovely letter of note: in 1980, a librarian and her students wrote to Francis Ford Coppola imploring him to adapt The Outsiders. The rest is history.

‘Island with no streams’ is right! Here’s an astute, detailed look at how Australians watch TV on smart new pop culture site Junkee.

Inside a Dog check out the latest Hunger Games tease – Capitol Couture portraits. Oo la la fancypants.

These photos from The 1913 Women’s Suffrage Parade are quite remarkable. Happy International Women’s day!

I love pun fun. And pun rage. PUNS! (over at Slate)

New York Times have a lovely piece on Nora Ephron by her son.

It was Bryan Crantson’s birthday this week, so celebrate by watching Breaking Bad as 1995 sitcom.

“Amazon has a problem with pornography.”  As if you’re not just going to click that (FYI it’s about e-book porn).

Joss Whedon + his usual suspects + Shakespeare = exciting times (aka trailer for Much Ado About Nothing has been released).

A new Beach House video has dropped overnight – directed by Eric Wareheim and starring Laura Palmer’s Dad, Leland (ohmaigod imagine if it starred Bob *silent scream*).

Finishing up with some tunes – this week the Fader staff playlist theme is ‘baby mama drama’ and makes for a good mix.