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generally distracted us.

Everyone can use a little Joan Didion on Friday, or any day of the week really. So today, or tomorrow, or whenever, revisit this interview from The Believer.

Friends, I give you another musing on one of our most cherished words: panties. (One day I’ll reveal the world’s most heinous sentence, but this isn’t the time or the place. Hint: it includes the word panties.)

Apologies for the oversight last week: the reigning cool couple of comedy Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman answered questions on love for Valentine’s Day. Better late then never.  Seriously, this stuff is filthy and timeless.

After swooning over that splendidly crude pair and feeling nauseated by a pair of panties, let’s clean it up a bit – Avidly takes a look at some G-rated swoonworthy moments in YA. Awwwwww.

The Stella Prize longlist has been announced – Liticism gives an overview for y’all. Best get your read on.

I often like rules and always like libraries – so find these very specific rules from real life libraries enjoyable.

Here’s a little something for dog lovers and cat lovers. Oh and frog lovers and monkey lovers. Cute animals for all!

What about flying squid? Far less cute, but definitely interesting.

Less cute … want to read an Oscar Voter’s ballot notes? They include the following: ‘“Amour is immediately disqualified—it’s just a woman dying, and there’s no real story, and it made me feel like shit.”’ So, of course you do.

Mixtape Riot will aurally educate you on an assortment of new tunes. Yes, yes they will.

Happy weekend!