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generally distracted us.

Bad news for fans of household appliances, but good news for cat lovers – the iron Monopoly piece will be put to rest and replaced by a silver cat figurine.

‘I use “whom” accurately and don’t end sentences on prepositions because I’m an English professor.’ – ‘I’m an English Professor in a Movie’ over at McSweeney’s‘ is good for a chortle.

The Believer and KCRW have launched their new podcast, ‘The Organist’. Let it be cultural commentary music to your ears.

Love a good teen movie? It’s teen movie week over at Spanish publication, Transit.

What about some good, free learning? Thanks, Internet!

  • Here are a stack of great articles about psychology

Groundhog Day came and went this week, so it feels like the appropriate time to continue dedicating my time to spreading the Bill Murray gospel: