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Good day, one and all.

When two of our favourite funny women are hosting the Golden Globes, the inevitable press and hype in the lead up is fun to follow. Here are some spots with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, as well as an article which includes their Globes drinking game rules.

Speaking of funny people we love: BILL MURRAY FOR GQ! Always and forever.

In other ‘funny’ and ‘actor’ related links: real actors read Yelp ads. They certainly do.

It’s been a good week for good tumblrs:

  • Edith from Downton gets a mean – but funny – makeover…you know, because her luckless storylines weren’t nasty enough.
  • Cats that look like pin up girls? Definitely, yes.
  • Hopefully the irony isn’t lost on people reading this on their phones – We Never Look Up is the hauntingly perfect photographic embodiment of our current era.

If you haven’t heard by now, it was David Bowie’s birthday this week and he celebrated by announcing he’s releasing a new album. Here’s the single and here’s some self-proclaimed ‘geeky facts’ about everyone’s favourite space face.

Some more music madness for your Friday:

The Millions have released their ‘Great 2013 Book Preview’ for you to view here. Plan your book club now!

Have a relaxing weekend!