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generally distracted us.

Happy New Year one and all!

Let’s say hello to 2013 by saying goodbye to 2012’s ‘Fugliest fugs’ compiled by the amazing Go Fug Yourself girls, forever full of erudite sartorial sass.

The concept art for Pixar’s next four films is pretty and pretty exciting.

If you haven’t experienced the joy of watching these misheard lyric clips, you need to – an oldie but a goodie.

In response to Labor’s quiet shift of 10,000 single-parents to the Newstart allowance, Luke Ryan considers living off $35 a day. A must read.

Excuse the horrendously offensive font and hilariously offensive title, but here’s ‘Definitive List of The Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet In 2012 Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something’.

Top 10 Most Read Books in the World is now a good lookin’ infographic.

Wired take a look back at the future: ‘What We Imagined for 2013 — 10 Years Ago’. They also look at Space in 2013…yes, please.

It’s well and truly summer – here’s a great mixtape to keep you cool during the heatwave.