ebook users rejoice! All 2012 issues of Kill Your Darlings are available for purchase via Amazon, Booki.sh and KOBO. Need a refresher? Take a stroll through this year’s issues and see the brilliant writers featured in 2012: No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, No. 11.

We’ve also created something special for you just in time for Christmas. Inspired by the length and breadth of interviews found in the iconic Paris Review, Kill Your Darlings each issue publishes a conversation with an acclaimed international writer. We chat about their work, how and why they write, and are granted deeper insights into their lives outside literature. The interviews are collected in Kill Your Darlings Vol. 1 for the first time and are available exclusively as an ebook.

To our lovely readers who haven’t embraced ebooks: if this isn’t the perfect excuse to jump into the warm waters of ereader ownership, then we don’t know what is.