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generally distracted us.

How wonderful life is now Thanks, Textbooks is in our world.

A big call, but great viewing nonetheless – here are 21 pictures that sum up ‘the whole history of science fiction’.

Martin McDonagh’s post-In Bruges (love!) follow up film was released this week. Before hitting the cinemas you can see his award winning short Six Shooter here.

You can also stream the first 43-minutes of Hitchcock’s first film (as assistant director, film editor, set designer, and scenario writer) here.

If you have time today or over the weekend for a bit of the ol’ click-and-read action, here’s a compilation of 10 various long reads that may be of interest.

If you haven’t already come across this in your daily internet routine, marvellous Brainpickings have taken a looksee at the Daily Routine of Famous writers.

‘In Defense of Cursive Writing’. This short piece got us thinking about handwriting – is it a blessing or a curse? (Vote one blessing!)

Some mixtape madness:

And finally, McSweeney’s presents ‘Wayne Coyne’s Human Head-Shaped Tumor’ – a radio drama featuring the Flaming Lips, Bill Callahan and Okkervil River this weekend for your aural pleasure.

Have a great weekend, y’all!