Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

More literal literature – famous book titles improved when altered.

Anais Nin on the letterpress and ‘the joy of handcraft’.

Science? Yes! The ‘anternet’? Also, yes!

Continuing their Hollywood Scandals series, The Hairpin look at the sad life of swoondog Montgomery Clift.

Any hot hipsters got a hankering for some tunes? Good, we do too! Let us direct you to the DJs:

Here are a few good videos we came across in the last week:

  • This is a very good super cut dedicated to Stanley Kubrick.
  • This is a very funny super cut that sees the cast of Mad Men Rick rollin’ (with the homies).
  • Check out the history of the world in just over two minutes time.
  • This is a brilliant little video dedicated to the one and only Bill Murray. Includes a paper doll. Win!

And in a bonus final video – Seinfeld‘s secret theme song shame. For one episode only they added vocals to the opening tune, they were swiftly retracted for good reason. ‘Is it a beef?’