Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

If you haven’t already dived in, google are giving The Little Mermaid a run for its money with their new under the sea mapping. So cool!

Oh, and during the mapping process, divers found a pygmy seahorse. Sebastian the Crab has nothing on this guy!

Back on dry land, The Atlantic take a look at writers’ favourite punctuation marks. Who isn’t partial to a dashing em dash?

Speaking of dashing: ‘A Day Spent Packing with Bill Murray in a Hotel Room’?  Yes, please.

In silly/funny/fun – Bad Lip Reading tackle The Hunger Games and hilarity ensues.

Check out the undeniable chemistry in this clip titled: ‘Breakbad Mountain’. Get it, chemistry? Yep.

We think ‘The Graphic Cannon’ – where 200 literary classics will be reinterpreted into graphic form – is an awesome project. Flavorwire have a look at it.

Photos and visuals from a 1960s album cover demonstrate how records are made.

Pop Matters have a ‘Fall Playlist’ of new tunes that is also perfect listening for our Spring.

And from new to classic, here’s an amazing feat: ‘2 Hours of Wisdom: A Brief History of Fleetwood Mac’ for your aural pleasure.