Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

And we’re back to distract and amuse, amuse and distract…let’s start with by swooning – what’s not to love about Ira Glass listing what he loves to read?

What kind of reader are you? Find out…

Don’t try this at home: 19 dangerous home remedies from 100 years ago.

Who doesn’t love a good gif? Here’s a bunch that hilariously demonstrate ‘The Publishing Process in GIF form’.

Famous album covers recreated with socks? Sure, why not.

In memory of the late-great Neil Armstrong, forever the man on the moon, Time Magazine take another look over their coverage of the lunar landing and here Armstrong himself talks about the famous event.

A few other wonderful space related distractions:

And from the Moon to Sun – you can stream Cat Power’s new album here for a limited time. Wrap your ears around it!

Let’s head into the weekend with some classically stupid internet laughs – everyone loves a good news blooper and, well, it’s almost time to dance…soooo, we only hope you can boogie as well as these guys.