Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

First up, for those who didn’t encounter it yesterday, the trailer for the new Anna Karenina film adaptation has arrived.

And if you prefer a little comedy with your romance and drama, and need a fix in this post-GoT Season Two world, here’s a mock trailer for Game Of Thrones: The Rom-Com.

Ever dreamt of having a drink with a famous author, then having them drunk dial or send you a slurred sms after a few too many? Who hasn’t!?

Speaking of text messages – did you just feel your phone vibrate, only to find out there’s no one there? Why do we feel phantom phone vibrations?

Listen up! We’ve got a mixed bag of a mixtape this week: some seasonally inappropriate listening, local performers Bushwalking bring the aural ambiance and Worlds End Press bring the dancing, while David Byrne and St. Vincent are weaving wonderful dreams for your ears – hear a track here.

Apparently Pepe the Prawn is afraid of heights. Here is a small Muppets snippet that proves it.

Oh and of course, what’s a links post without some obligatory – and always welcome – Bill Murray news.

And finally NPR are wondering about their audiences’ favourite YA novel. It seems that great minds do think alike, and that KYD have more in common with NPR than just three-letter acronyms. What do we mean exactly? You’ll just have to watch this space….

Have a warm and wonderful weekend!