Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

Apparently ‘a treasure trove’ of hidden, pre-revolutionary books and magazines have been found, hidden behind false walls, in a museum library in Moscow.

From pre-revolution literature to book evolution: in 1993, Douglas Adams’ predicted the rise of the e-books and someone has made a lovely animation to accompany his prophesy. Have a gander.

More prophecies discussed in this this ‘Forbes’ article which predicts our privacy-free, Orwellian future.

Everyone is talking about the trailer for Baz’s The Great Gatsby this week. If you have somehow missed the trailer, you can find both discussion about it and the trailer itself over at ‘Vulture’.

Jon Favreau + J.J. Abrams + Gus from Breaking Bad + post-apocalyptic, family, action TV drama = Revolution.  Could be good!

Want less drama and more comedy? Have a giggle at some popular movie quotes as if spoken by a ‘proper Englishman’ or some alternative endings to famous film scenes.

While we’re on movies – take a look at some pretty people from the present and the past at Cannes Film Festival.

And after taking a look at the good, join ‘The Vine’ for a tour through the bad and the ugly red carpet outfits from this year’s Cannes.

The One and Only Bill Murray gives a tour of the Moonrise Kingdom set.

Speaking of moonrises, check out this cool stop motion video of the recent solar eclipse.

Star on the rise? Not quite…the confessions of a former child model: ‘A Tragedy in Nine Pictures.’

And why not move into the weekend with a history of hip hop? Enjoy the beats!