Killings brings you our fortnightly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

‘The common view is that the Scottish English adjective wee means little.’ Or is it a vehicle for conventional implicature?

‘Authors beware’: at Liticism, Bethanie Blanchard’s interview with Steve Rossiter on D Publishing.

Unfortunately, it’s not really the season, but here’s William Faulkner’s hot toddy recipe.

It’s time to admit you love Love Actually. Or do you hate actually?

Hooray! Wild Flag are coming to Australia in March 2012. Listen to Carrie Brownstein’s playlist at The Hairpin.

Christmas fare: why did Jewish communities take to Chinese food? (Answer includes: chicken dishes, secular decor, no mixing of meat and milk.)

The lovely covers of Atticus Books.

Oh my god! My friend is a writer! What do I do?

Review of Pauline Kael anthology The Age of Movies: “There may never have been an American movie critic with a more voracious desire to work her will on the world — or with a more sui generis back story.”

If you haven’t read Emma Straub’s piece on ‘showrooming’, go on right ahead.

Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin, Ben Kingsley to star in Ender’s Game.