Happy Halloween! Just a reminder that there are still two weeks left before the next Kill Your Darlings Culture Club podcast (airing November 14), in which I’ll be discussing Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote with Text Publishing’s Caro Cooper and The Lifted Brow‘s Ronnie Scott – yes, it’s a special editors’ edition!

A progress report from me: there’s no denying that this is a brick of a book. At 900+ pages, it’s been an every-spare-moment kind of read. But for a novel that may be more demanding of your time than most – Jonathan Franzen has said he couldn’t finish it – it’s really delightful: full of adventure, articulate dialogue and insanely well sketched characters. It’s also episodic, with hundreds of chapters and several parts, and it’s not the kind of book that will be spoilt if you listen in to our discussion without having finished reading it. I dare say you could join us even if you haven’t read it at all (though it’s so enjoyable that I’d recommend it to anyone).

Who is this mad sage, Don Quixote? What drives him to leave his town and become a knight errant? Join us on November 14 as we discuss Don Quixote, perhaps one of the greatest novels of all time.