Franca Sozzani of Italian Vogue has revealed that they are accepting story pitches via her blog:

By next Tuesday you must send us the topics you would like to cover. Please write them in the comments below this post. …
This is an opportunity to put yourselves to the test, also to become our freelance contributors and to begin a relationship with the magazine. Others amongst you began in this manner, and now work with us on a regular basis…

Readers have responded in force to this seductive call, with 72 pages worth of comments from aspiring Vogue regulars now cramming the bottom of the post.

This idea left me aghast. Though it’s a great idea that has certainly inspired a lot of writers, who might otherwise feel that they mightn’t have a chance in hell of getting the attention of a Vogue editor, the idea of pitching in public makes me feel like I’m in that dream where I’ve forgotten to put my clothes on, and everyone is looking at me.

What about you? Would you pitch ideas on a blog? Would you feel comfortable pitching in plain sight?

[via The Cut]