Kill Your Darlings has a special offer for the first 20 people who buy a single issue (Issue Two, Three or Four) from now until 3pm Tuesday March 1. It’s dead easy: just click here, click the Buy Now button beneath the issue you want – don’t worry, we’ll cover postage for you – and you’ll score a double pass to Leon Ford’s new film Griff the Invisible.

Griff (True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten) is a socially awkward dreamer who leads a dull life working a menial job in an office populated by annoying colleagues. By night Griff assumes another identity, roaming the dark streets and protecting the vulnerable from danger – he is superhero ‘Griff The Invisible’. Concerned with Griff’s increasingly eccentric behaviour, his brother Tim (Patrick Brammall) attempts to draw him back into the ‘real world’ and introduces Griff to Melody (Maeve Dermody), an equally unusual girl. Fascinated by Griff’s idiosyncrasies, the two form a unique bond that has the opposite effect from what Tim intended, causing Griff to raise his vigilante behavior to new heights. A fresh, highly original romantic comedy from the wild imagination of debut writer / director Leon Ford, Griff The Invisible is produced by Jan Chapman (Bright Star, Somersault, Lantana). Opening film: Youth Panorama, Berlin Film Festival 2011.

NOTE: This offer is valid only for readers located in Melbourne.