There’s nothing we like better here at Kill Your Darlings than a book club – you get to drink wine and eat cheese. Not to mention the potential discovery of this plot turn and that character, or even a new favourite book.

We’re excited to announce the Kill Your Darlings Culture Club podcast: we’ll be reading Jazz Age chronicler F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned. You may have read The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night – you may even have read This Side of Paradise, and been charmed or repulsed by the decadent deeds you found there. Discover a hidden gem of a book with us and some very special guests, to be announced soon.

The podcast will air on Tuesday December 14 – which gives you four weeks to get hold of a copy and discuss it with us. (Our Popular Penguin editions came courtesy of our friends at Penguin Australia. Grab your own and join in the discussion!)